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Live Healthy - Nutritionist

Looking for a Nutritionist or Dietitian in Chicago?

  • Have you tried unsuccessfully to lose weight (or yo-yo’d)? Have you finally accepted diets don’t work and are ready for a new, saner approach?
  • Are you preparing for pregnancy or looking to get your body back after baby?
  • Do you struggle with food intolerences, IBS or other digestive problems?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, give us a call!Our registered dietitian nutritionist takes a holistic approach in finding a sane food plan that is customized to your specific lifestyle and addresses your unique challenges–things like cooking, schedule issues, nutrient balances, reactions to specific foods and more.

Eating Disorder Treatment

Are you looking for a balanced food plan as part of your eating disorder treatment?  Lotus Center is uniquely equipped to help you with the mental health and the physical health portions of recovery.  Our nutritionist is experienced in eating disorder treatment and compassionate about eating struggles.  Your treatment may include some of the following components:

Meal timing to prevent excess hunger or binges

Nutrient planning to make sure you are getting enough macro and micro-nutrients for optimal health

Education about the glycemic index so that your energy is stable and you can reduce the likelihood of blood sugar crashes and resultant craving cycles

A sane daily eating plan customized for your body and activity level . . . so that you can take the over-thinking about food out of the picture

Schedule Your First Appointment

Give us a call at 773-850-2295 or email info@lotuscenterchicago.com if you have any questions about getting started.  We want you to be comfortable working with us and are happy to answer any related questions you might have about the process.  Our nutrition services are not typically covered by insurance. (Our meditation and mindfulness services are not covered by insurance)

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