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Heather Shannon

Heather Shannon, M.Ed., LCPC


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Heather Shannon, M.Ed., LCPC

Founder of the Lotus Center (formerly HWCA) as well as Mindfulness on Demand, an online mindfulness coaching program with an emphasis on serving Type A working professionals.


She initially earned an undergraduate degree in business, but soon realized she needed a career that would allow her to be more directly involved in helping and connecting with others, so went back to school for her master’s in counseling and later a certification in holistic health coaching.


Heather has a particular passion for working with other entrepreneurs and “Type A” professionals. Using mindfulness, lifestyle education and positive psychology, Heather helps clients achieve their health, professional and relationship goals, maximize effectiveness, release anxiety, reduce compulsive behaviors and adopt a more consciously chosen lifestyle.  Heather is currently taking new psychotherapy clients, new health coaching clients, and new Mindfulness on Demand (MOD) clients.  Visit our Appointments page for a free consult.


Heather served as chairperson of the wellness committee at East Leyden High School. She was also Co-Chair of the Health Coaches of Chicago from 2011-2012. Heather writes a regular blog for the American Counseling Association addressing a holistic approach to mental health for “Type A” folks.  She has also authored a textbook chapter on nutritional strategies for stress management. Heather and Lotus Center can be found on Abe’s Market’s list of Top Holistic Service Providers in Chicago.


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