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Corporate Wellness

We offer workshops and programs on nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, stress management, and self-care for healthcare workers. We have worked with organizations including: Rincon Family Services, MacNeal Hospital, and Chicago-Kent College of Law to develop wellness programs for staff, students, and clients. Contact us now to create your custom program!


“I regularly meditated before I went to workshop, because I benefited a lot from practicing.  I liked the workshop; it was informative and easy to follow.  I was more focused on the practical part, and I learned the conceptual part from the workshop.  It also helped to know what other people’s questions or concerns are so we can avoid them and achieve better results.”     – Jun Q., Chicago-Kent College of Law

“”I really enjoyed my intro session with the Lotus Center at my law school. The instructor recognized the unique stressors that law students face and gave us some skills to destress that were basic and very accessible.”     – Dylan K., Chicago-Kent College of Law