We are now located at 1502 W. Chicago Ave., Suite 1, in Chicago, IL




Lotus Center is a holistically focused mental health practice that helps “Type A” professionals and entrepreneurs stress less, stay productive and enjoy their lives more.  We’re based in Wicker Park and offer individual, couples, and family psychotherapy, as well as health and mindfulness coaching packages.  Our clients are typically young professionals in the 25-40 range. Our clinical emphasis is on anxiety, relationships and addictive/compulsive behaviors.


Our current team is AWESOME and you should be too! People that fit well here tend to be driven, have a background in business or an interest in learning about the business end of what we do, love to learn about the clinical stuff, come up with creative ideas and have a bit of a renegade attitude underneath their respectful demeanor. We are a casual, yet highly professional bunch. We support each other and work as a team to succeed. Sometimes this includes a lively debate of areas where we disagree.


A sense of humor is also a must. Our group brings a sense of lightheartedness to our interactions with each other and our work with clients. Mental health can, indeed, be fun! We don’t like to have pointless meetings or waste your time, so we only schedule them as needed and end them early when possible.


Our little community is a place where you can make suggestions, offer opinions, feel heard and be respected. Because our sense of community is so important to us, we seek out other people who are looking to jump in and make this their primary place of employment. Typically clinicians start out gradually building their caseload and then make the leap to full time (20 or more clients per week). We also accept applications all the time– hint, hint!


It’s more important that we get the right people on board than that we stick to any particular timeline. So drop us a line (resume and cover letter) when the timing’s right for you.


We want to know about you and what makes you tick when it comes to your career, so tell us about yourself in your cover letter. We already know you want to help people and have experience working with anxiety and depression. What else can you tell me?


Have you chosen a particular specialty? What does “holistic” mean to you when it comes to mental health? How do you walk the walk in terms of a healthy lifestyle? How do you incorporate nutrition, fitness, mindfulness, spirituality and/or mind-body techniques into your clinical work? Do you have any unique training that might be of interest? What could you bring to our team or add to our offerings? What do you value in a workplace?


We look forward to hearing from you and getting to know each other!


We are currently hiring: Psychotherapist

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