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Can You Stay Mindful Under Pressure?

March 10, 2016 - Heather - in category A Holistic Approach to Mental Health

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How do you work towards a goal without stressing about it?  How do you handle it mindfully if you’re not on target?  How do you work from a place of joy and abundance, sharing your talents with the world when you are feeling spread thin?  Does meditation and mindfulness mean you can’t be productive anymore?  Does it mean you have to choose between happiness/contentedness or creative productivity & putting something good into the world?  I’m not actually going to answer those questions . . . but think about them.

Do you know that feeling . . . like you just HAVE TO get something done?  Like there’s truly a lot riding on it?  But, what is really riding on it?  Is it ego?  Are you actually going to wind up destitute and on the street subject to the harsh elements and friendless to boot?  Yeah, probably not.  But somehow your brain (my brain too) tells you you have to treat it that way, as if it were dire.  Because WHAT IF your boss is dissatisfied with your work?  WHAT IF not as many people attend your party as you’d like?  What if you don’t get a raise or a promotion?  What if she doesn’t want to be your girlfriend?  What does it mean about you or about the world?

There’s a story in there somewhere.  A story about not being good enough UNLESS . . . X, Y or Z happen . . . because if X, Y & Z happen, it must irrefutably prove you are in fact GOOD ENOUGH and allowing you to breath a sigh of relief that no one has found out you’re an imposter yet.  Or maybe it’s a story that you can’t handle stress–that you are somehow inherently weaker than the rest of us and incapable of developing the strength to learn how to handle someone being disappointed in you, confronting you or rejecting you. Maybe the story is that you’re so busy and you don’t get to have fun or workout because there just isn’t time for fun or relaxation or self-care in your life.  No room at all . . . (insert internal pity party)

You’ve probably guessed where I’m going with this . . . what do all these stories have in common?  THEY’RE ALL LIES (and I’m super into CAPS today)!  You are telling yourself a bag of lies.  Mindfulness is about uncovering your lies, dumping them out of the bag onto the floor and having a good look at them. Mindfulness is the spirituality of TRUTH.  You can quote me on that one!

If you’re sick of the LIES, sick of the million thoughts running through your mind and sick of the millions of distractions, join me tomorrow for The 3 Secrets to Focused Attention.  I’ll help you pay attention during your meditation, deal with distraction in a productive way and gain some peace of mind.  Most importantly, I’ll help you uncover a bit more truth.

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I look forward to seeing you there!



Heather founded Lotus Center (formerly HWCA) in 2010 and started seeing clients in early 2011. She initially earned an undergraduate degree in business, but soon realized she needed a career that would allow her to be more directly involved in helping and connecting with others, so went back to school for her master's in counseling and later a certification in holistic health coaching.

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