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Allow Us to Reintroduce Ourselves

March 02, 2016 - Heather - in category A Holistic Approach to Mental Health

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We want to thank you all for being part of our journey as we’ve grown over the last 5 years!  To celebrate our growth and to more accurately reflect on who we are, we have rebranded ourselves “Lotus Center!”

We are losing the confusing initials “HWCA” and the lengthy “Health and Wellness Counseling Associates of Chicago” . . . and the fact that our name can be written in these two very different ways!  We’ve realized that no one really remembers what the letters stand for and this has made it difficult to share us with your friends and family as a result. Somehow many of you have managed to do so anyways and we are eternally grateful for your ongoing support!

Our new website is http://lotuscenterchicago.com, but you can still find us at http://hwcaofchicago.com as we will have a redirect in place to our new site in case you forget.

Lotus Center was the perfect name for us because it represents life and beauty growing from something murky and unclear.  We think this is a lot like a journey towards personal growth and ultimate well-being.  The lotus flower is also a Buddhist symbol of purity and rebirth and therefore fitting with our focuses on mindfulness, transforming health and positive psychology.  Not to mention, our logo already looked like a lotus flower!

In celebration of 5 years in business and our new re-branding, we’d like to show our gratitude for your ongoing support by inviting you to a free mindfulness webinar, The 3 Secrets to Focused Attention!  This live webinar is for newsletter subscribers only and will be hosted by our founder, Heather Shannon, LCPC!  She will help you get past distraction and overcome the fallacy that sitting and focusing on your breath isn’t productive enough.  Heather will help you debunk any myths or obstacles about meditation that might be standing in the way of you developing a consistent practice so you can be a more focused, peaceful version of yourself.  Because this is a live webinar, you’ll also have a chance to ask any questions you have about meditation and mindfulness.

For more details and to sign-up, visit www.lotuscenterchicago.com. Click The 3 Secrets to Focused Attention to register now!

Thanks again for continuing to grow with us!  We look forward to more beauty and clarity on this shared journey with you!


Heather founded Lotus Center (formerly HWCA) in 2010 and started seeing clients in early 2011. She initially earned an undergraduate degree in business, but soon realized she needed a career that would allow her to be more directly involved in helping and connecting with others, so went back to school for her master's in counseling and later a certification in holistic health coaching.

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